Margie Reck
Gourd Artist
Welcome to the web site of Margie Reck who creates decorative vessels from
hard-shelled gourds.   Gourds have been used for centuries by many cultures
for both utilitarian and ornamental purposes. Their interesting shapes and
mottled shell provide a wonderful 3-dimensional canvas.

Using organically grown, fully dried gourds, Margie cuts, designs, and
decorates them according to their specific shape and size.   Therefore, each
vessel is unique.   Margie is fortunate to live in Montana where she draws her
inspiration from its spectacular beauty.   

Margie's variety of designs include coiled rims of pine needles, philodendron
sheaths, or horse hair, attached beads and antlers, imbedded stone or beads,
and painted wildlife.  The gourds are dyed, coated with several layers of a
protective finish, and signed.

Margie's high quality compositions and unique designs can be found in galleries
and private collections across the United States.